Antipolo Scandal 2,Liza Scandal,PTC Scandal,High Seas Scandal,Senior Ladies Scandal,Another Blow Job Scandal,Im the Stud Scandal,Captain M Scandal

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High Seas Scandal - while on a boat trip to somewhere, this couple decides to do a sex trip. Senior Ladies Scandal - obviosuly these ladies are at school, but whatever it is they are studying. they are pretty good in making a "simulation".

Liza Scandal - it was just a matter of time that a name as pretty as Liza would show up on our list, and she is very, very, very good.

Another Blow Job Scandal - Just your amateur Blow Job Video, almost all sex video scandal, starts from this.

Antipolo Scandal 2 - Antipolo is an old suburban town east of Manila. Always thought they are a bit laid back. But hey, the quality of the sex is par excellence!

Im the Stud Scandal - the form on the photo already shows who's the boss. For the form only ... its a perfect 10!

Sauna Attendant Scandal - in the Philippines, Men's Sauna has two meanings, one its a wholesome place, and the other its a fuck place where men unwind.

Captain M Scandal - just another pseudo name, but with an excellent sexual partner, she got big boobs.

Palmolive Scandal - a bit player in Philippine Cinema, finally makes her own film where she is the lead star.

PTC Scandal -a lady coming from PTC, well we dont what or from where it is, so dont ask us.

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