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Rated K Scandal,Exchange Student Scandal,Dubai Scandal,Bathroom Scandal,Colored Hair Scandal,GIB Scandal,Baseball Cap Scandal,5-Star Hotel Scandal,Dance Studio Scandal,Dorm Mate Scandal

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Bathroom Scandal - This exotic beauty posed (of all places) in the bathroom. Feeling Sexy (and pretty). Huh? Colored Hair Scandal - Scandal's name from the hair color of the guy in the film. Pretty vain for a guy, while the girl's hair is natural black. But when it gets down and kinky hair color is not that important.
GIB Scandal - GIB stands for Good in Bed, which the girl is obviously is. She knows the drill, blowjob and cowgirl. She likes to be in control. Rated K Scandal - this couple is a fan of this magazine format tv program. They simply cant missed it so they watch it and have sex at the same time. This is truly multi-tasking!

Baseball Cap Scandal - there's something really special when one wears a hat. Maybe this one feels that he's a super stud, that he gotta wear it during a lovemaking. Or was it meant to conceal his identity coz this was caught using hidden cam.

5-Star Hotel Scandal - the room is very luxurious, top notch. This video was taken from one of the top hotels in the Philippines.
Dance Studio Scandal - You know how it is in dance studio, everyone practices in front of a mirror. This one decided to have some fun, and practiced with no top on! Dorm Mate Scandal - Lucky Dude for having a hot intense sex partner. She's damn good.

Dubai Scandal- the girl supposedly is named Charissa Mae. One video is enough, but two videos? that's stupidity!

Exchange Student Scandal - they say Manila ran one of the best schools in Asia. That's why many foreigners come here for education. When you're homesick, sometimes your best friend is "Dick".

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